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SAMPE Conference & Exhibition

Collaborative communication for enhanced education

Each conference category includes a variety of programs that inform and educate materials and processes professionals, including engineers, product managers, technicians, sales and marketing personnel.

Engaging the advanced materials and process engineering community.

​Bridging the Gap Between Organic High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites and Ceramic Materials

High temperature organic polymers are extremely useful for niche applications up to 600-700°F service. The need for non-metallic materials that exceed 700°F service increases as performance requirements for state-of-the-art applications become more commonplace. Ceramic materials offer solutions but at a cost. There is a technology gap between organic polymer composites and ceramic materials where cost effective hybrid material solutions could be available and provide advantages over traditional ceramic materials. This panel session will discuss the current state for organic polymers and composites and advances that can be used to bridge the gap between organic materials and ceramic materials

State of Thermoplastic Technology

Thermoplastic composites technology and applications are advancing rapidly. The SAMPE Thermoplastics Technical Committee will present and discuss the status and future direction for thermoplastic composites. This panel will cover materials, fabrication, assembly, modelling, applications and competitive technologies. This is sure to be a lively discussion.

Where are all the people? Shining the recruiting light on hidden talent.

This panel will focus on the workforce challenges faced by the composites manufacturing industry and highlight proven practices to meet the challenge of today’s hiring and retention environment. Skills gaps continue to be high as in-demand job requirements evolve with technology and processes. On average, 40% of employees will require reskilling in 6 months and employers (94%) expect that to happen on the job. More demands on employees and fewer candidates in the talent pool due to retiring Baby Boomers creates the perfect storm for a talent crisis. During this war on talent, how can you prepare your company to succeed in the face of diminishing talent availability? The panel will discuss options such as apprenticeship programs, educational partnerships that build a pathway to employment, recruiting diverse populations and other strategies. “Society for the Advancement “– make sure its centered * , Tech Paper and spaces after figures, tables , and equations

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