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Panels, led by industry experts, are a cornerstone of the SAMPE Conference experience. Keeping ahead of trends, troubleshooting problems, and sharing best practices of new ideas sets the course for future advancements and industry cooperation. This content is exclusively available only at SAMPE 2019. 


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Discussion comprised of industry experts that will share their knowledge and experience with adhesive bonding of composites and metals.  Audience members will better understand pertinent aspects of surface preparation, surface readiness and verification, adhesives, hybrid materials and substrates, inspection, and certification. This discussion is designed to instill confidence and assist attendees in overcoming challenges with bonded structural applications.

Tuesday, May 21

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


  • James Mazza, AFRL, Adhesives and Composites Team Lead

  • Giles Dillingham, Brighton Technologies LLC, CEO, Chief Scientist

  • Chris Praggastis, 3M, Application Development Engineer

  • Richard Bossi, Boeing (retired), Boeing Senior Technical Fellow (retired)

  • Cynthia Ashforth, Federal Aviation Administration, Senior Technical Specialist for Composites 


Advancements Toward Achieving Bonded Structural Applications - An Expert Panel Discussion

Moderator: Kay Youngdahl Blohowiak, The Boeing Company, Senior Technical Fellow 

Advanced Materials are critical to the United States economy and to national defense.  As such, SAMPE North America’s Public Policy Committee has invited key decision makers from across the spectrum of the Government to participate in a panel discussion. Representatives from the Executive Branch (OSTP), Congressional Committees, and Federal Agency program managers will discuss the process by which policies supporting advanced materials research and development are created and associated legislation enacted. The process culminates with the execution of specific advanced materials related programs at federal agencies.


  • Arun Seraphin, Senate Armed Services Committee

  • Jim Warren, NIST

  • Julie Christodoulou, ONR

  • Steve McKnight, Virginia Tech

Wednesday, May 22

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Policy to Practice:  Federal Government Investment in Advanced Materials Research and Development

Moderator: Mick Maher, Maher & Associates, President

Advancements in Textile Engineering- An Expert Panel Discussion

Moderator: Ted Lynch, SMI, Director

Wednesday, May 22

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


  • Steve Clarke, TEAM

  • Katharina Davies, Saertex, Research & Development Engineer

  • Brian Laufenberg, Chomarat , President

  • Jon Goering, Albany International

  • Joseph Coughlin, Hexcel, Technical Service Engineer 

This panel is comprised of industry experts that will share their knowledge and experience with textile engineering for application to the manufacture of advanced composites.  Audience members will better understand the wide range of textile manufacturing techniques available to them. Based upon what they learn from this session, they can better determine the most effective textile engineering technology to apply to their composite manufacturing processes. This discussion is designed to instill confidence and assist attendees in understanding the wide range of textile technologies available to them.

Thursday, May 23

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Thursday, May 23

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Composites 4.0: Digitally Transforming the World of Composites

Moderator: Avner Ben-Bassat, Plataine, President & CEO

Composites 4.0 represents the 4th industrial revolution and its application to the Composites industry, This expert panel will seek to explore how recently emerging technologies, driving the wider 4th industrial revolution, apply to and impact composites material & parts' related processes, to drive disruptive and radical outcomes in quality, throughput, costs and potential new applications and business models.

This session will include discussion of IoT for digital data acquisition, analytics and Artificial Intelligence, spanning the entire products' life-cycle: from engineering & design, through manufacturing and service in the field, to the product end of life and recycling, all with robust feedback loops between these processes, and the creation of the digital thread.


  • Dave Atkins, Siemens PLM

  • Shachar Fine, Kanfit

  • Mick Maher, Maher & Associates

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