SAMPE 2020 
Conference Program

The latest advancements in materials and processes. 

Informing and Educating Industry Professionals

Come with questions, leave with answers. As the only technical society encompassing all fields of endeavor in materials and processes, the SAMPE conference provides the most extensive and applicable programming for the advanced materials and processes industry anywhere in the world. Each conference category includes a variety of programs that engage and educate on ground-breaking technologies, industry advances, and provide opportunity to source solutions for critical challenges.

Technical Paper Submissions

Technical papers are formal written research papers reviewed by industry experts. If your abstract submission was approved, your technical paper is due for review . Only Technical Papers that are accepted for publication will be scheduled for a 25-minute presentation during the SAMPE 2020 Conference.  For  more information on the upcoming timeline for submissions, please click here .  Deadline extensions will not be granted.


SAMPE 2020 Topics are:

  • Advanced Design and Analysis

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Aerospace Applications

  • Certification of Advanced Aerospace Applications

  • Digital Modeling Technologies in Manufacturing

  • Emerging Materials and Processes

  • Inspection and Repair

  • Manufacturing Technology

  • Market Applications

  • Moving People and Things

  • Multifunctional Materials and Structures


  • Workforce Development

Conference Program Types

Pre-Conference Tutorials - Held on Monday, May 4, these three-hour courses fully immerse attendees in a single area of focus. These courses establish a foundation for enhanced learning and understanding throughout the conference. 


Keynote Presentation - The opening keynote presentation will take place on Tuesday, May 5 and is open to all attendees. ​

Technical Paper Presentations - 25-minute presentations based on pre-approved technical papers. Each individual presentation is considered a Conference Program. Conference registration is required for access. Show Sampler registrants need to use one ticket per presentation.


Featured Presentations - Invite-only presentations are 1 hour in length. Conference registration is required for access. Show Sampler registrants need to use one ticket per talk. 


Panels - Provide the opportunity to cover a technology topic with a group of experts active within the field of new and  emerging technologies, industry trends and advances. Panels run 1.5 – 2 hours. Conference registration is required for access. Show Sampler registrants need to use one ticket per panel.

Thursday Awards Breakfast Presentation - Takes place May 6. Tickets can be purchased separately.

Thank You SAMPE 2020 Event Sponsors


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