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SAMPE Conference & Exhibition

Keynote Speaker | Stephen Heinz

Vice President of R&I for Syensqo Composite Materials

Empowering the Materials and Process Community for Tomorrow's Innovations

Tuesday May 21, 2024 | 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Keynote Title: Empowering the Materials and Process Community for Tomorrow's Innovations


Industries reliant on composite materials have experienced a rapid disruption in recent years. The onset and swift evolution of advanced air mobility (AAM), an order-of-magnitude increase in space launches, and advances in alternative propulsion technologies are just a few of the megatrends within the surge of scientific and cultural advancements in how we travel within our planet and explore new frontiers. However, is the critical materials and process (M&P) community innovating at the same pace? 


Stephen Heinz will discuss how composites and specialty materials will enable these forward-thinking technologies and where the M&P community can focus on transforming initiatives to power the future. 


Stephen Heinz

Vice President R&I

Composite Materials Division

Join SAMPE in welcoming Stephen Heinz, Vice President of R&I for Syensqo's Composite Materials Division (previously part of Solvay Group), who will deliver the opening keynote speech at the upcoming SAMPE Conference and Exposition. Stephen heads Research and Innovation for the Composites Materials Business at Syensqo, a leading supplier of advanced adhesives, composites, and high-performance polymers for aerospace and defense, automotive, and other industrial markets. His organization is responsible for developing the materials and processes that will enable the future of mobility, a future that is light, electric, or even propelled by hydrogen. Stephen is an industry-recognized composite subject matter expert and an aviation industry enthusiast.


Before Stephen takes the stage, Synesqo's CEO, Dr. Ilham Kadri, will provide an inspiring video message, guiding the SAMPE audience through her vision of sustainability through innovation and education before introducing our keynote speaker.


Stephen holds a B.S. and Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi. Before joining Syensqo, Stephen was a Senior Manager at Boeing Research & Technology, where he led an organization responsible for implementing new composite materials and manufacturing technologies in commercial and defense programs. Stephen's wealth of knowledge and experience in advanced materials and processes, combined with his insights, promises to elevate the conference to new heights, making it a must-attend event.

For more information on Stephen, visit his LinkedIn Profile

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