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SAMPE 2020 - Seattle Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Dear SAMPE Community,


After thoughtful deliberation SAMPE’s leadership has made the difficult, but necessary, decision to cancel its upcoming SAMPE 2020 Seattle conference that was scheduled for May. We’d like to thank the global SAMPE community for your patience and understanding regarding the unavoidable as we had hoped to postpone it to November 2020, but that option is no longer feasible.


We believe this is the responsible thing to do considering the challenges introduced by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  The health and safety of our members, exhibitors, attendees, staff, and community are our top priority, making it inadvisable for our community to gather for our traditional SAMPE Spring technical conference and tradeshow.


This decision was made with the full support of our executive cabinet, the Seattle committee chairs, and the SAMPE staff, all of whom are working together to shift our focus to the future. Our intent is to make available as much of, if not all, the technical content, panels, speakers, etc., intended for the SAMPE Seattle show, by moving them to the following potential areas of opportunities:


  1. CAMX Orlando, September 21-24, 2020

  2. SAMPE Long Beach, May 24 - 27, 2021

  3. Web-based content

  4. Other SAMPE channels (virtual workshops, local chapter events, etc.)


We have not finalized the details and we’ll be working with all our key volunteers as we move forward with our plans and will continue to share them with you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe and know that we are a global community in addressing this pandemic.


Note: SAMPE has two FAQs; one for attendees and another for exhibitors that will be updated regularly as the information becomes available.




Tim Shaughnessy

President, SAMPE North America


Gregg B. Balko, FASAE, CAE

CEO, SAMPE North America


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