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When  and  where  will  SAMPE  2020 be held?


Due  to the  Coronavirus  pandemic, the  SAMPE  2020  Conference  and Expo,  originally  scheduled to take  place  in Seattle, WA  on May  4-7, 2020  has  been  canceled  and will  not  be  rescheduled.  Our  next  SAMPE  conference will be  held in Long Beach, CA  on May  24  –  27, 2021.


What  will  happen  to  my SAMPE  2020 exhibit  space  contract?


Exhibitors  may  request  that  their  SAMPE  2020 Seattle  exhibit  booth fees  be  transferred to SAMPE  2021  Long Beach  at  the  2020  rate.  Additionally, exhibitors  taking advantage  of  this  transfer  will  receive  10 additional priority  points  for  their  2021  booth selection. Alternatively, exhibitors  can request  a full  refund,  upon written request.

Important  Note:  Refund  and credit  request  forms  must  be  submitted  prior  to  May  8, 2020.  Please  submit written refund  or  transfer  requests  via the  Exhibit  Refund/Transfer  Request  form  and send  it  to  Efren  Pavon at For  questions, please  call  Efren at  +1  (626)521-9450.


What  about  SAMPE  2021  booth selection?

SAMPE 2021 booth selection will  happen  in May/June, once  the  SAMPE  2020 exhibitors  have  indicated their intentions.

Will  my hotel  reservations be canceled,  or  do  I  need  to  cancel  them  directly with  the hotel(s)?

Hotel  reservations  made  within the  SAMPE  block  will  be  canceled.  If  you do not  receive  a  cancellation email from  your  hotel, please  call  them  directly  to  cancel  your  reservation.  If  you  booked your  reservation  directly with the  hotel, or  some  other  way, please  contact  the  hotel  directly  to cancel  your  reservation.

 What  will  happen to  utility  services  ordered through the  Washington State  Convention Center (electrical, rigging,  water,  catering, audiovisual,  internet, etc.)?

The  convention center  canceled  all  orders  placed.  Refunds  will  be  issued by  May  31, 2020. For  more information please  contact  –

What will happen to any lead retrieval equipment orders placed with Convention Data Services (CDS)?

Convention Data Services will cancel all orders placed. Refunds will be issued over a 30 to 90-day period. For more information please call 1-800-746-9734 or email

What will happen to orders placed with other official SAMPE service providers (Freeman, photographer, floral)?

We are working to provide answers to this question as quickly as possible. If you purchased services or equipment through a non SAMPE approved provider, you should contact the company directly.

If I scheduled an event, reception, dinner or other activities during SAMPE, what should I do?

Please contact the venue directly to inform them of your plans. If you have any difficulty working with the venue, please inform Rosemary Loggia at +1 (626) 521-9449, or

Will SAMPE refund airline tickets for exhibitors and/or exhibitor personnel?

SAMPE will not refund individual airline tickets or travel expenses. Please contact your airline directly regarding their cancellation policy.


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